UCSF Appendix IV: Policy & Procedures Concerning the Death of a Student/Postdoctoral Scholar/Resident Fellow

Policy Concerning the Death of a Student or Trainee

Revised: January 2011

The University of California San Francisco has responsibility to respond appropriately and notify promptly the parents, spouse/domestic partner, next of kin, and/or emergency contact of a currently enrolled student, postdoctoral scholar, resident, or fellow if their death occurs on the campus, at the Medical Center, or at a campus-sponsored event away from the campus. Hereafter, the term “trainee” will be used to include post doctoral scholars, residents, and fellows.

I. Notification

Any community member learning of or discovering the death of a student or trainee is to a) notify the Campus Police Department and b) inform the Vice Chancellor for Student Academic Affairs and/or the Dean or Associate Dean in the appropriate professional school or Graduate Division. This notification should happen as soon as is possible.

The senior officials in the Police Department, Student Academic Affairs, and the relevant School or Graduate Division will then coordinate with one another to take all necessary steps to ensure parents, spouse/domestic partner, next of kin, and/or emergency contact, appropriate offices, faculty and students are notified. The officials will work collaboratively to ensure necessary support and response is provided to the family and campus community, and that appropriate business functions are addressed.

II. Documentation of Events Surrounding a Student’s or Trainee’s Death

When a student or trainee dies, the information worksheet must be completed by a senior official (or his/her designate) in the School or Graduate Division or within Student Academic Affairs. This report should be distributed as outlined in the guidelines.