Bank Accounts

Student Life does not endorse any of the banks listed below. We are only providing the necessary requirements to open a checking account.

To open a RCO bank account, there are a number of banks to choose from and each has their own set of requirements. The most common requirements are:

  • An Employee Identification Number (EIN).
    To obtain a EIN, either call 1-800-829-4933 or apply online
    • You will need: name, address, and SS# of a contact representative
    • Register organization under a “Community or Volunteer Group” which is listed under the “View Additional Types” selection
    • Reason for requesting an EIN: Bank Account set up
    • File as an Unincorporated Association with the California Secretary of State. This can take about three months so get started early!
  • A letter from the Student Life stating your participation as a RCO at UCSF.
    • To obtain this letter, email Student Life with your organization’s name, the names of your representatives, and the bank where you are opening an account. We highly suggest that two UCSF affiliated representatives co-sign on the account.

Citibank Requirements

  • A letter from Student Life verifying participation as a Registered Clubs & Organizations.
  • Begin process for filing for unincorporated organization. (Note: This does NOT need to be completed when you begin application with bank.)
  • Employer ID number (EIN). (highly encouraged so that no one individual has their SSN associated with the bank account). This can be obtained online or over the phone. Citibank will help walk you through the process.

Golden One, Wells Fargo and Various Other Financial Institutions Requirements

  • An EIN (Employer Identification Number). Apply online or call bank directly.
  • A Resolution or Letter of Authority (signed by two or more officers of the organization authorizing the designated individuals to open the account).
  • Copy of each of the following:
    • Organization Charter
    • Organization By-laws
    • Governing Rules of the Organization
    • Articles of the Organization
  • Copy of one of the following:
    • Statement of Unincorporated Association this is filed with the California Secretary of State; must include a registration number
    • Statement of Unincorporated Association or comparable document that is filed in a county where the organization owns property
    • Registration of Unincorporated Non-Profit Association filed with the California Secretary of State; must include a registration number
    • Proof or certification of the organizations official non profit status tax exemption application or letter.