Please submit all reimbursements through OrgSync's budget request. Prior to submiting your request, please review the Use of Funding Guidelines in order to successfully expedite payment for supplies and services, the following guidelines must be followed by Registered Campus Organizations (RCO) holding events sponsored by the Associated Students - UCSF, Chancellor's Endowment Fund, Cultural Enrichment Fund, and the Performing Arts Fund.

Please note:

  • All reimbursements must be processed through MyExpense.
  • Scan or turn in all original receipts. Receipts must show proof of payment and a zero balance due.
  • If requesting reimbursement of food, lease provide itemized receipt and a list of attendees.
  • Gift card purchases are NOT reimbursable.

Reimbursement Forms

Performance/Speaker Payment Agreement Form
If you were awarded funding for the payment of speakers or performers, this form is required for each individual or organization that will be paid by the University. Additionally, if the payee has NOT been paid by UCSF a W9 (see below) is also required.

Declaration of Missing Receipt & Proof of Payment Form
Did you lose a receipt? No need to worry, just fill out the above form and submit it with your reimbursement request.

Reimbursement for Cash Payment Form
Would the vendor only accept cash? Was a proof of payment receipt not given to you? We know some vendors only accept cash for all transactions, so we created this form as your proof of payment. Please fill out the necessary information and submit it with your reimbursement request.

W9 Form
Any individual, organization, business, etc. is required to fill out a W9 if they have not been paid by UCSF. If they have been paid, but many years have past since their last payment, we recommend filling out a new form to insure their information is current and updated.