Special Use Areas

University properties shall be used only in accordance with Federal, State, and local laws and shall not be used for the purpose of organizing or carrying out unlawful activity. All persons on University property are required to abide by University policies and campus regulations and shall identify themselves upon request to University officials acting in the performance of their duties. Violation of University policies or campus regulations may subject a person to possible legal penalties; if the person is a student, faculty member, or staff member of the University, that person may also be subject to disciplinary action in accordance with University policies, campus implementing regulations, and applicable collective bargaining agreements.

All use of University properties and services by campus organizations must conform to applicable campus time, place, and manner regulations.

On University grounds open to the public generally all persons may exercise the constitutionally protected rights of free expression, speech, assembly, worship, and distribution and sale of noncommercial literature incidental to the exercise of these freedoms; such activities shall not interfere with the orderly operation of the campus and must be conducted in accordance with campus time, place, and manner regulations, including the UCSF Guideline on Public Demonstrations.

"Areas open to the public generally" at UCSF are defined as outdoor paved walkways on campus. These areas may be used for the purposes described in the preceding paragraph. Literature must be distributed free of charge except for reasonable fees to recover the costs of production. No distribution of literature or other activity may occur in such a way as to impede traffic flow, compromise public safety, or obstruct entrances to buildings.

Special Use Areas are open spaces at UCSF designated for use by Registered Campus Organizations (student, faculty and staff), student governments, and campus departments for non-commercial activities. Non-university organizations must be sponsored by Registered Campus Organizations, student governments, or an appropriate campus department in order to reserve campus space. Reservation requests for this space must be in accordance with UC policy, campus regulations and guidelines, and must conform to applicable time, place and manner regulations for approval.

Designated Special Use Areas may also be used to exercise speech and assembly rights. Advertised outdoor events in Special Use Areas that can be expected to attract a crowd of fifteen or more are restricted to these Designated Special Use Areas and must be reserved in accordance with Special Use Area Guidelines and Procedures for that site. Assemblies of more than 15 people occurring in areas other than designated Special Use Areas may be permitted by exception only, unless in areas clearly designated for student study. Such events may not interfere with the orderly operation of the campus and must be conducted in accordance with time, place and manner regulations, including the UCSF Guideline on Public Demonstrations.

For related information see the University of California Policies Applying to Campus Activities, Organizations and Students and the UCSF Campus Administrative Policies.


Registered Campus Organizations & Student Governments
RCOs and student governments may reserve a special use area by submitting an event request in OrgSync.

Departments may reserve a special use area by submitting a request in 25Live.

Should conflicts arise, reservations for Special Use Areas will be made according to the following priorities:

  1. General campus need
  2. RCOs and Student Governments
  3. Campus departments
  4. Others

Types of Activities
A request for use of space may be denied if the nature of the proposed event would be inappropriate for the space requested.

Responsibility of Sponsoring Organization
The sponsor of the event, as indicated on the reservation form, accepts full responsibility for the event. This responsibility includes but is not limited to fiscal responsibility for all charges and damages associated with the event. The sponsor is responsible for the removal of all event publicity posted on University property. Posted materials must be removed immediately after the event. Sponsors failing to remove event postings after an event may be billed for the time it takes to remove the materials and clean or restore the area.

Special Use Areas must be used only for the intended purpose stated on the Reservation Request Form. If other activities occur, the Site Scheduling Coordinator, Student Life, Campus Police, or other University official, may cancel the reservation and close the event.

The sponsor of the event must have a copy of the approved reservation request in his/her possession during the course of the event.

Scheduling Regulations for Special Use Areas

  1. UC Systemwide policy specifically prohibits the sponsorship of commercial vendors in Special Use Areas.
  2. Information distribution by off-campus organizations may be sponsored by a department, student government, or RCO for a limit of two days per quarter unless otherwise provided by other applicable campus regulations. Information must relate to the purpose or mission of the sponsoring department, student government, or RCO.
  3. Reservation of Special Use Areas or table/chair set-up requests may be made no more than six months in advance and no less than 10 business days prior to the event.
  4. Easels advertising campus activities may be set up for a maximum of five days.
  5. Violation of Special Use Area Policies may result in suspension of use privileges.


  1. UCSF departments and individuals may not fundraise on-campus without express authorization by, and collaboration with, the UCSF Foundation. For more information on policies and procedures, please contact the Foundation at (415) 476-6922.
  2. Fundraising activities must comply with University of California and UCSF policies. Fundraising may not be conducted primarily for private business or personal profit.
  3. All fundraising events must be scheduled and staffed by members of the sponsoring organization.
  4. No commercial items are to be sold. Examples of appropriate fundraising activities which may occur include: ticket sales, raffle sales, bake sales, sale of products related to the purpose of the sponsoring organization or are the handcrafted result of the members' creative efforts.
  5. Eligible organizations may conduct two fundraising events per quarter. Fundraising activities are limited to designated areas.
  6. A maximum of two tables may be assigned for each event. Ticket sales limited to one table/event.
  7. A visible sign indicating sponsorship and how donations will be used must be displayed at all times.

The UCSF Chief of Police, in cooperation with the Site Scheduling Coordinator, shall determine the appropriate level of security for events occurring on University Property. Security costs may be the responsibility of the sponsoring department, student government, or RCO. The UCSF Police Department is solely responsible for contracting, scheduling, and posting of any security or police personnel on UCSF property. Requests for scheduling security services and questions regarding security can be made to the Field Service Division Coordinator at (415) 476-1414 during normal business hours. During non-business hours, the on duty Watch Commander can be contacted at (415) 476-1414.

Fire Marshall
The Fire Marshall, in cooperation with the Site Scheduling Coordinator, shall determine the need of additional safety measures for events occurring on University Property. Costs to comply with fire safety recommendations will be the responsibility of the sponsoring department, student government, or RCO.

Amplified Sound
Reasonable levels of amplified sound are permitted in designated areas only, in accordance with campus time, place, and manner regulations, including the UCSF Guideline on Public Demonstrations, provided that such use is not disruptive to campus operations or the surrounding neighborhood. Amplification may be used only between noon and 1 p.m., and between 5 p.m. and dusk. On weekends and University holidays, amplified sound may be used between 10 a.m. and dusk. Audio speakers should face away from University buildings & patient rooms whenever possible. Requests for exceptions must be submitted to the Site Scheduling Coordinator at least 10 business days prior to the event.

Alcoholic Beverages
Please review the alcohol policy on the Campus Policies website. Please check with the site coordinator for each area if alcohol is allowed.

Guideline Revisions
Guidelines relating to specific spaces at UCSF will be periodically reviewed and updated as needed.