RCO Fundraising

All fundraising events must have a defined purpose and must relate to the mission of the student government or registered campus organizations. Funds raised may not be used for illegal purposes.

Fundraising activities may only include bake sales or the sale of nonperishable. No other food sales allowed.

RCOs must clearly advertise what the funds raised are going towards. RCOs may not sponsor non-University vendors or commercial entities that promote the sales or solicitation of merchandise or products to the general campus.

RCOs must clearly advertise how the funds raised will be used. RCOs may not sponsor non-University vendors or commercial entities that promote the sales or solicitation of merchandise or products to the general campus.

All fundraising events must be approved by Student Life. To request approval, submit an event request in Group Portal.

General Guidelines for Bake Sales

Student organizations holding bake sales on the UCSF campus are required to obtain prior approval from Student Life.

If the food items (candy, cake, muffins, other baked items that do not require special handling) are prepackaged as individual servings, they can be sold at campus bake sales. Bake sale items with cream or custard toppings or fillings may not be sold. Limiting your selection to the pre-approved baked items and adhering to the following guidelines, will eliminate the need to obtain prior approval from the Office of Environmental Health and Safety (OEH&S).

At this time, approved bake sale items can be prepared, assembled, portioned and packaged in private homes provided good sanitation practices are followed throughout the process. OEH&S inspectors perform periodic inspections of campus bake sales. In the event compliance with the following guidelines cannot be met, organizers may be required to discontinue sales until the necessary corrections are made.  

  1. Sound sanitation practices, such as using clean equipment, must be followed when preparing, packaging, storing, transporting, displaying and selling bake sale items.
  2. Those preparing, packaging, transporting displaying or selling bake sale items must be free of communicable diseases such as colds, the flu and hepatitis. Their hands and arms must be free of wounds, cuts and sores.
  3. Those contributing or participating in the bake sale must wash their hands before working and after each break, especially after restroom breaks.
  4. Organizers must maintain a list of everyone contributing food items for sale. The list should include each contributor's name, address and identify the item contributed.
  5. Ingredient information must be available upon request or each item must be properly labeled. Displaying a sign indicating "Ingredient Information Available Upon Request" and maintaining photocopies of recipes at the bake sale table is sufficient.
  6. All food ingredients must be pure, wholesome, free from contamination and be obtained from approved sources (i.e., grocery store).
  7. All food items and the plates or containers they are served on must be completely wrapped as individual servings. Clear plastic is suitable..
  8. Eating utensils must be single use and disposable. The utensils must be individually wrapped or displayed with their handles up to prevent contamination.