The University of California Policies Applying to Campus Activities, Organizations and Students (PACAOS) are a compendium of University-wide policies relating to student life and can be found at https://ucop.edu/student-affairs/policies/student-life-policies/pacaos.html. The PACAOS address the rights and responsibilities of members of the University community as well as others while on University property. The PACAOS also address the responsibilities of students and provide Universitywide standards for campus implementing regulations as a means of sustaining the UCSF community.

The PACAOS and UCSF’s implementing regulations are designed to protect and promote the rights of members of the University, prevent interference with University functions or activities, and assure compliance with all pertinent laws and other applicable University policies. All UCSF students, Registered Campus Organizations, and student governments, should be familiar with University policies and UCSF’s implementing regulations. For a complete list of University-related policies, please visit the Campus Administrative Policies website.


UCSF’s Implementing Regulations

Student-Related Policies and Procedures