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Student Involvement

Student Life serves to support and enhance the activities undertaken by student organizations at UCSF, facilitate the goals of the student governments, foster the development of student leadership skills and contribute to the growth of a diverse and welcoming community where students feel they belong.

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UC Student Regent

What Does a Student Regent Do?

As one of 26 members of the Board of Regents, the Student Regent represents the needs of one of the most important stakeholder groups students as well as the interests of the entire UC community and the people of California.

Does a Student Regent get paid?

Student Regents receive payment for two years of tuition. They also receive a complete working staff, free parking on any UC campus and reimbursement for travel expenses for any regent tours or meetings.

How do I apply?

The online application for the 2024-25 Student Regent closes on March 12, 2023. Watch your email (or this space) for the next application cycle. Students currently enrolled at a UC campus are encouraged to apply. Applicants must submit a completed and signed application, a current resume, and an essay as described on the application form. Materials should be emailed to Regents Analyst Clare Sheridan at [email protected] AND also to the applicant's campus Student Regent coordinator Jennifer Rosko at [email protected].

What happens during the recruitment process?

The UC Office of the Secretary and the Chief of Staff revise and distribute a new application each year for the regent recruitment process that usually begins in January.

Each application for student Regent will be reviewed in April  by a nominating commission of ten students selected by the presidents of the campus student governments. A separate committee comprising ten representatives of the undergraduate student association and ten representatives of the graduate student association will interview the candidates identified by the nominating commission. These candidates will be interviewed in May 2023. References named by the applicants will be asked to submit letters of reference prior to the interview.

The interview commission will select three to four finalists whose names are forwarded to the Secretary and Chief of Staff to the Regents. The finalists’ Chancellors will be contacted to comment on their qualifications.

Three finalists are interviewed in May by the Regents' Special Committee. The Special Committee submits its nominee to the Board of Regents no later than The Regents' July meeting, at which time the Student Regent is appointed. That person immediately begins serving as Student Regent-designate and is invited to participate in deliberations of The Regents but without a vote. The following July, the Student Regent begins his or her term as a voting member of the Board!