Meet the Staff

Alece Alderson

Alece Alderson (she/her)
Assistant Vice Chancellor, Student Life
[email protected]

Alece is the Assistant Vice Chancellor of Student Life. She provides a vital, creative, and adaptable vision and leadership for Student Life. Alece is passionate about building support services and is dedicated to fostering collaborations across campus that promote student success. Alece also leads Student Veteran and Military Support Services. She is energized by building community and encourages students to reach out to her or the Student Life team for resources and support.



Kathy Chew

Kathy Chew (she/her)
Program Coordinator, Student Life
[email protected]

Kathy is the Program Coordinator for Student Life. She works closely with student Registered Campus Organizations (RCOs), helping them plan their events/activities and funding. Kathy is also involved with the Student Food Market at Parnassus and is excited to see all the students on Thursdays.



Lauren Cox

Lauren Cox (she/her)
Virtual Engagement and Project Coordinator, Student Life
[email protected]

Lauren is the Virtual Engagement Project Coordinator of Student Success. She specializes in building community, and keeping students connected via social media to all the services Student Success offers. Lauren can often be found at Student Life events taking photos and videos and loves to engage with students. Reach out to Lauren if you ever have questions about campus resources and follow our social media channels to stay connected.



Tiffany Lam

Tiffany Lam (she/her)
Director, Student Success
[email protected]

Tiffany serves as the Director of Student Success. She leads programming for both First Generation Support Services, which serves students who are first in their family to attend college, and the Guardian Scholars Program, a student success program for former foster youth. She is student-centered and believes in the importance of advocating for the success of both groups of students. Tiffany facilitates community building events, mentoring, and workshops for first generation students and advises the FG2C student organization. For Guardian Scholars, she provides individual case management, events, and resources for financial assistance.



Clay Littrell

Clayton Littrell (he/him)
Co-Director, Student Disablity Services
[email protected]

Clay is Co-Director of Student Disability Services. He oversees the school of nursing and dentistry, as well as assistive technology needs for the entire campus's student population. He is a student-focused advisor and assistive-tech user, with expertise in putting immediately deployable solutions into the hands of students.




Violeta Maldonado

Violeta Maldonado (she/her)
Office Manager, Student Success Center
[email protected]

Violeta is the Office Manager for the Student Success Center. Violeta helps support students, staff, faculty members and visitors with a positive attitude. Violeta will welcome you to the Student Success Center and help answer your questions.




Jon McGough

Jon McGough (he/him)
Student Disability Specialist, Student Disability Services
[email protected]

Jon serves as the Student Disability Specialist. He works as the primary contact with students in Physical Therapy and Graduate Division programs to coordinate accommodations. Jon also partners with faculty, staff, and departments across UCSF to develop inclusive best-practices in courses, clinical, laboratory, and didactic environments. Contact Jon directly if you have any questions or would like to coordinate a training or presentation with your academic department.



Tim Montgomery

Timothy Montgomery (he/him)
Co-Director, Student Disability Services
[email protected]

Timothy is Co-Director of Student Disability Services and works with students who need accommodations and supports for disabilities and health/medical related conditions. Timothy works with all students but is the primary contact for Schools of Medicine and Pharmacy, the Graduate Division and Doctorate in Physical Therapy programs. Contact Timothy if you need accommodations or would like to discuss your needs further.





Jennifer RoskoJennifer Rosko (she/her)
Executive Director, Student Life
[email protected]

Jennifer is the Executive Director of Student Life. She provides leadership, strategy, and advisement of campus-wide services and programs for student success, basic needs, student government, student organizations, and the student newspaper to build community, improve the quality of student life, promote student learning, and to ensure students have access to a variety of essential resources to thrive at UCSF. She also spearheads our program and department evaluations.




silhouettePeggy Ryan (she/her)
Learning Specialist, Learning Resource Services
[email protected]

Peggy is a Learning Specialist in Learning Resource Services (LRS), and is the point person for students, faculty, staff, and admin in the Graduate Division, School of Dentistry, School of Nursing, and the Department of Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation Science. She meets with students in individual consultations, observes in classes and clinicals, and teaches multiple School-specific and Program-specific workshops throughout the year. Peggy’s work with students is designed to promote academic and clinical excellence by assisting students in developing strategies related to how the brain learns so that they can use those strategies in both classroom and clinical settings to maximize their own learning, to utilize what they’ve learned for critical thinking, and to demonstrate what they’ve learned. 


Sylvie Sturm

Sylvie Sturm (she/her)
Managing Editor, Synapse
[email protected]

Sylvie is the Managing Editor of Synapse, UCSF’s student news outlet. Sylvie shares her dedication to quality journalism while working closely with student editors and contributors to improve print and audio journalism skills, which she’s honed over a 20-year career in media. Sylvie is always eager to see new students join the Synapse editorial team, and to help burgeoning writers grow in confidence and creativity.



Becca Wallace

Becca Wallace (she/her)
Director, Student Rights and Responsibilities
[email protected]

Becca is the Director of Student Rights and Responsibilities. She facilitates the adjudication of non-academic misconduct cases outlined in the Code of Student Conduct. She also chairs the Students of Concern Committee and partners with campus colleagues to facilitate institutional responses to care for students and the overall community. 





Susan Whitlow (she/her)
Learning Specialist, Learning Resource Services
[email protected]

Susan is a learning specialist in Learning Resource Services (LRS), working primarily with students in the Schools of Medicine and Pharmacy. She works with students who want to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of their study and test-taking strategies as well as improve their time management. Most students do this in individual consultations, but she also works with study groups as well as providing workshops. 



Photo credits (*except Jon McGough and Becca Wallace): Kelly Montgomery